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    October 20, 2011

    You know you’re dedicated to Minecraft when…

    You come to the empty University library with a laptop that weighs an absolute ton just to sit in a corner and nerd out on Minecraft while surfing Tumblr after being banned from the internet at the house for going over the 40GB limit after half a month…40GB is not enough between 5 people, especially with me in said house.

    Words can not describe the joy I am feeling at being able to play the game with my Minecraft skin. *_*


    October 8, 2011

    Resuming the Adventure!

    I made a new map, because I wanted to and I didn’t really like my old map.

    So, like most people in Minecraft, I got myself some wood, found some surface coal, and built a little wooden shelter for my first night. What a night it was. At first I thought there were no Monsters going to appear at all, then as dawn broke, the Creepers came. Two of them.

    he seeez uuu

    That’s one, that I did manage to take down, but the other exploded (as they do) and took out a wall of my house. Thankfully I survived (yay for the new food/health system).

    Next was to explore the area surrounding my little house. I was pretty lucky, found some surface Iron and some more Surface coal, so I mined that up and discovered some sort of cave system (sadly not an abandoned mine shaft), so when I have some armour and some better tools I shall go exploring in there! I also came across some sort of Animal bath…

    okay then I'll leave you to it.

    Killed the cow for its leather, made myself some fancy leather booties and left the sheep to frolic in the water. In the opposite direction I came across something interesting…

    oh hello there

    Leaves, on the floor, which only means ONE thing. ENDERMEN! I haven’t seen this elusive Endermen yet, but there is definitely evidence of one being around. If I see it, I’ll grab a screenshot of it but I am very excited to see my first Endermen in my own game.

    After my little exploration, I went to my house and waited inside (I actually read while night progressed, currently reading The History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey Of Monmouth. It’s for my course, yay Arthurian Literature!) And as I saw dawn was breaking on the horizon…


    They have been reincarnated and have come back to destroy my house, or they’re the brothers/sisters of the other two…either way I wasn’t pleased, and it didn’t help that I had a spider freaking out on the roof.


    SIGH! Looks like this morning is going to be interesting…


    Here’s a lovely picture of my house in another game I was playing (before the new updates and such) I just wanted to show off my pretty Fireplace. It was very cosy.

    mmm warmth


    October 3, 2011

    No, I haven’t forgotten!

    I’m still aware of my little blog I started off, things have just got really busy now.

    I’m in my final year of University and that means I have a Dissertation to write and things to take very seriously (Tumblr is not helping).

    I still play Minecraft, but it’s literally for short bursts at a time. I create a world, wander around, look at pretty things, explore some caves, get blown up by creepers, die and go do something else.

    But you know, when you live in North Wales with all those hills and you try to picture it like you’re in Minecraft, you suddenly realise how fecking fit you’d have to be to explore a Minecraft world in real life. So when I come back and I load minecraft and I’m faced with this gigantic hill, I get tired just looking at it and I have to go take a nap. XD

    Maybe I need to loose weight…

    Fuck that shit *browses tumblr while eating Pringles*.

    Here’s a wonderful picture from a while back, from the lot I never got uploaded. They’re not interesting unless people want to see my awful building skills. (Do not ask why I carry round a ton of useless things, I don’t know myself other than the fact I’m unorganised and I had a mod installed that allowed me unlimited shinies, yet I chose to carry around a ton of wheat…)

    Yes those trees are Pink. They’re supposed to be Cherry Blossom trees. There are green trees in there too, youjustcan’tseethem. Though I wish I had picked normal trees, so much pink in forests hurts my eyes. *_*

    Maybe I’ll put up part 2 of my exploration when I’m procrastinating on something. 83

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    July 11, 2011

    I’m like Indiana Jones, minus the cool outfit (part 1)

    So I’ve got lots of pictures to share of what I’ve been up to in the world of Minecraft.

    I’ve been trying to get my head around redstone but so far my attempts at playing with the pistons has failed. So I’ve literally spent hours exploring caves and various worlds looking for pretty stuff. So now I present part 1 of a 2 part update! This one will be landscape things, and then the second one will be what I’ve built.

    So lets get on with it!

    Lava flowers!

    I thought this was rather pretty. Some red flowers next to a pool of lava and water underground somewhere. It brightened up this cave a little.

    Next is this rather interesting pumpkin patch. I’ve seen lots of these now I’ve not had to worry about creepers sneaking up behind me. I just find them creepy and weird.

    Well there’s none of this picture seeming Tumblr doesn’t seem to want to load it properly. It’s fine on Photobucket, just not on Tumblr but it’s just a ton of pumpkins looking all creepy.

    Lava falls!

    Something else that I thought was pretty cool! A lava fall! It’s not often you see this stuff above ground.


    Seriously, this game is so beautiful. The sun is rising or setting I’m not sure, there’s some freaky ass overhanging cliff that’s defying all laws of physics and not a creeper in sight…

    sniff diamonds

    Diamonds! What everyone wants to find in Minecraft. Though it’s not the same on Peaceful, but it still takes a bloody long time, and then you have to find your way out of the caves…many times I’ve gotten lost in caves.


    Yay obsidian. At least that’s what I think I was taking a picture of, I’m not even sure anymore haha.

    and to end...

    And to round it all off, have this wonderful sceinic view. Some crazy ass cliffs there.

    So soon there will be another update with part two of this! I get to show off my mini house, as well as the texture pack I installed and possibly the skin I have on my minecraft character. Yes, I actually went and made one. I got fed up of being a dude when I’m a woman. Just a tad odd when I fall and it’s a manly oof.

    See you all in part 2!

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    July 5, 2011

    So…it’s been a while…

    Despite the lack of updates here, I have been playing minecraft! I’ve mainly been on peaceful which isn’t all that interesting to write about. Why am I on peaceful mode? Well you see, I’ve never actually appreciated the beauty of minecraft, I’ve always dived into the game and watched out for creepers constantly. So I’ve been experimenting with seeds for different worlds and it’s certainly interesting!

    That and I’m practicing my building skills. Building is fun, having your hard work blown up 10 seconds after you finish by a creeper is not fun, but highly amusing later on.

    I shall update with some screenshots of some lovely things I’ve discovered tomorrow! I look forward to sharing the pretty and unusual things I found interesting.

    (excuse my poor attempt at a post here, i’m sleepy and on my iPod touch… Probably not the best combination with apples auto correct…)

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    May 10, 2011

    Oh the Huge Manatee!

    Previous save? Gone. Poof. I had to start over again. Seeming I already documented the finding of a place to stay and the collection of resources, I decided to skip that this time around. So instead we’ll leap right back in with me sprucing up my home.

    Well, that was the plan till the most famous thing in Minecraft appeared outside my lovely bay window…

    Oh lord

    Having fended off a Creeper attack the day before while putting up said windows, I was not pleased to see another (and as you can see it exploded on me). So I attacked it, it exploded and left me with one huge crater in my front garden. Well at least I don’t need to dig my own hole for the water feature!

    Did an astroid hit here?

    That is the result of two Creeper attacks. Lovely isn’t it. Thankfully neither touched my home. I’d rather keep my home intact and looking lovely. So the next few days I spent attempting to clear out the trees on my roof. They seem to harbour spiders that enjoy leaping out from ontop of my door and attacking me when I leave in a morning. It’s not the type of wake up call you’d like is it?

    But that’s boring stuff! Nobody wants to see pictures of me hacking down trees.


    So instead have a boring picture of rain and a chicken! Yes while I was grassing up my garden, it started to rain. Nice and fresh! But at the same time, night set in so once I’d finished laying down some dirt, I ran inside to stay nice and dry in my home and avoid the night time nasties that lurked outside.

    Aw isn't it nice!

    So I introduce you to my home! I’m still working on the ceilling as I discovered that I need to expand it upwards, which I can’t do at night without spiders or zombies dropping in on me. But yes, over to the right where you see that glass, I’ll have a bath room! It’s a work in progress but it’ll look sweet when it’s done.

    All was calm and quiet as I gazed out at the pouring rain, and as I watched the sky lighten, something green caught my eye…

    OH GOD

    A creeper! (it wouldn’t be right to name this blog Creeper Nightmares if none appeared in it) But this Creeper wasn’t alone, I had bravely ran outside and counted one other, and I could hear one on my roof as well. That’s right, three creepers lurking around outside…right outside my house…fffff…

    those eyes...


    Creeper: Sorry to bother you there old chap, but it’s raining. May I come inside and shelter from this ghastly weather?

    Me: Do you promise not to blow it up?

    Creeper: Of course not…that is a very nice everything you have there, it’d be a shame if something where to happen to it…ssssss…


    I only found this when I went to get out my screenshots.


    Damn sheep! Getting in the way of all my good Creeper shots!

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    May 9, 2011

    The Darkness!

    All right, so I started off this adventure, created myself a random new world on normal difficulty. The first sights you see usually bring a smile tro your face as you look out over the sea or a forest or a mountain range. But not for me.

    Wonderful view eh?

    It’s lovely isn’t it The first thing I see is sand. Fills me full of hope.

    So like every other good little miner, I chop down some trees (and cause global warming) and make myself a crafting bench and some lovely wooden tools.

    Onto the next job at hand. Coal. Sometimes it’s right infront of you, othertimes it’s miles away or hiding behind some layers of stone. But after a few minutes of wandering, I am victorious!

    *sniff* it's lovely

    *tears up* It’s wonderful to find some coal, in such an ideal place. It’s like a little hole in the ground. It shall be turned into a cave, and I will live here till I make a castle.

    However there’s always nice surprises in Minecraft, so imagine my face when I mined up all the coal and came across this!

    omfg an underground pool!

    Oh fuck yes I have a basement pool. I didn’t explore it fully seeming I haven’t got around to crafting myself a sword and I don’t want there to be some dark crevice where some monster can leap out at me.

    After spending some time covering my new lair with a dirt roof and walls, and placing a door I feel safe. I can spend the night in my dimly lit lair, safe from all the beasties.

    Hiding is best sometimes

    So this is my little hide out, around the corner to the left is my door, and all that stone is where the coal was and where I discovered my pool.

    As night set in, I hid in my home, hearing the screeches of spiders and the groans of zombies, I’m pretty sure they were on my roof, I couldn’t see them at all. I was pretty tense, then suddenly…

    omfg black screen of death

    Do not adjust your monitors or refresh madly, that is a black square and is exactly what I saw while hearing spiders and zombies roam around.

    You see, my laptop has a little problem. I call it ‘The black screen of death’. It over heats, it turns off the screen but leaves the sound on. Handy eh?

    So much for playing games without the cooling stand (the fans aren’t even turned on anymore and it still helps keep my laptop cool! Madness!) I haven’t checked back since this happened on Sunday. I just know I’m going to have to rebuild my little home. At least the world is still saved…I’d cry if I lost my basement swimming pool.

    Next time, probably what happened to my save, me rebuilding and then resuming this adventure.

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    May 2, 2011

    Welcome! Soon this will become a blog of my journey through Minecraft.
But for now, I shall keep this space occupied with a picture of Crappy Towers, which will probably not appear in my journey in this blog.
I’m doing this because I think it’ll be fun to document my adventures. Most people record their adventures, but really, I keep forgetting all my youtube log in information, so it’s not the most useful way for me to do this (I have a bad memory for youtube usernames, emails and passwords) Maybe there’ll be some random video’s in the future if I join in with friends on a server. Who knows!

    Welcome! Soon this will become a blog of my journey through Minecraft.

    But for now, I shall keep this space occupied with a picture of Crappy Towers, which will probably not appear in my journey in this blog.

    I’m doing this because I think it’ll be fun to document my adventures. Most people record their adventures, but really, I keep forgetting all my youtube log in information, so it’s not the most useful way for me to do this (I have a bad memory for youtube usernames, emails and passwords) Maybe there’ll be some random video’s in the future if I join in with friends on a server. Who knows!